What We Do

The Ninevah Foundation is a conservation organization dedicated to promoting the wilderness character and tranquil nature of Lake Ninevah and over 3,000 acres of surrounding lands in Mount Holly and Plymouth, Vermont. The Foundation conserves these lands for low-impact recreation, outdoor/environmental education, and wildlife habitat, including a critical wildlife corridor linking the northern and southern branches of the Green Mountain National Forest.

In pursuit of its mission, the Foundation has:

      • Expanded the number of protected acres by acquiring land and conservation easements, through purchase or donation
      • Protected Lake Ninevah from aquatic nuisances
      • Conducted education programs for children and adults addressing conservation issues of local interest and importance
      • Promoted recreation choices that are compatible with preserving the natural landscape
      • Implemented and monitored restrictive covenants to stabilize land use

Our work focuses on conservation, education, and recreation. Follow the links below for more information.

We conserve over 3000 acres in order to protect the pristine water, natural landscape, and valuable wildlife habitats of Lake Ninevah and surrounding lands in Mount Holly and Plymouth, Vermont.

We promote outdoor and environmental education by leasing land to the Farm and Wilderness camps.

We support responsible, environmentally-friendly recreation on the lake and land.

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