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A Memorable Moose Encounter

Updated: May 30, 2020

Three years ago, at the end of March, I returned from dinner at a friend’s house. As I turned left onto Lake Ninevah Rd I saw a large moose in my headlights. It stood on the road and looked at me. Then it proceeded to amble down the middle of Lake Ninevah Road. After a good look at it I tried to pass it on the left. It wouldn’t let me. I thought...what if it kicks backwards and hits my windshield? I stopped the car and it stopped. I considered backing up, but it started its very slow pace forward again. I didn’t want to honk the horn so I flashed my lights. No reaction. I then decided to try to pass on the left again. The moose darted to its left and blocked me. This scene repeated itself several times. Finally, I just relaxed and enjoyed the show. Driving at four miles an hour wasn’t so bad. I didn’t have any other plans that evening. After what must have been 30’sh minutes the moose finally turned left up the Hornsby’s driveway. Later I measured the distance and it was 1.8 miles.

- George

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The Ninevah Foundation conserves for public benefit more than 3,000 acres around Lake Ninevah and Saltash Mountain in Mount Holly and Plymouth, Vermont. We support outdoor and environmental education, as well as responsible, environmentally-friendly recreation on the lake and land. Enjoy this lovely expanse of unspoiled open space for outdoor activities such as hiking, boating, fishing, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. We also support low-impact hobbies such as bird watching and photography.

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