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A Memorable Moose Encounter

Updated: May 30, 2020

Three years ago, at the end of March, I returned from dinner at a friend’s house. As I turned left onto Lake Ninevah Rd I saw a large moose in my headlights. It stood on the road and looked at me. Then it proceeded to amble down the middle of Lake Ninevah Road. After a good look at it I tried to pass it on the left. It wouldn’t let me. I thought...what if it kicks backwards and hits my windshield? I stopped the car and it stopped. I considered backing up, but it started its very slow pace forward again. I didn’t want to honk the horn so I flashed my lights. No reaction. I then decided to try to pass on the left again. The moose darted to its left and blocked me. This scene repeated itself several times. Finally, I just relaxed and enjoyed the show. Driving at four miles an hour wasn’t so bad. I didn’t have any other plans that evening. After what must have been 30’sh minutes the moose finally turned left up the Hornsby’s driveway. Later I measured the distance and it was 1.8 miles.

- George

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