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Invasive Species Highlight: Garlic Mustard

Garlic mustard is out in Vermont and ready to be pulled, be on the lookout! This invasive plant will go to seed soon in early June and it’s best to pull it before it does. The best way to manage this invasive is through relentless hand pulling or foliar herbicide. The worst patches on the edges of Ninevah Foundation woods are along Sawyer Hill Rd. and we have been trying to do as much hand-pulling as time will allow this spring. In future years, when social distancing is no longer necessary, we will be organizing community hand-pulling events. These are fun, effective, and make the work go a lot faster!

If you have this plant on your own property, please use the linked resources below to find the best method of removal and disposal. DO NOT TRANSPORT RECENTLY PULLED PLANTS TO NEW SITES OR MOW THIS PLANT! This is the fastest way to spread this plant. Clean your shoes and gloves after pulling to avoid spreading the seed. If you have any questions about this invasive plant, more resources, or would like to aid Ninevah Foundation in its hand-pulling efforts, please email Kelly Beerman at

Vermont Invasives Resources: Garlic Mustard Overview

Invasive species disposal methods

A video from the UNH Extension on how to pull and dispose of garlic mustard

Benefits of eating garlic mustard & a pesto recipe

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