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30 Years of Memories on the Lake

Updated: May 30, 2020

I have spent summers on the shores of Lake Ninevah for the last thirty years or so, working at Saltash Mountain Camp. There are some of my favorite Lake Ninevah memories:

  • Lying in bed and listening to the frogs, the crickets, the loons, and the occasional owl.

  • Going out on the dock at night to look up at the incredible array of stars.

  • Watching kids get comfortable with lake swimming.

  • Walking through the woods and catching a glimpse of the sparkling lake.

  • Watching summer storms approach from across the lake. Feeling a blast of wind, then watching the rain getting closer and closer as the sky gets darker.

  • Seeing (and hearing) an eagle for the first time.

  • Gliding into the marsh in a canoe and noticing that a great blue heron is at the water’s edge, giving me the eye.

  • Those peachy pink purple sunsets we get from time to time.

  • The familiar profile of Saltash Mountain looming in the distance.

  • My favorite memory of Lake Ninevah is taking my mother for a canoe ride with my father on her seventieth birthday. She said it was one of her best birthdays.

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