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30 Years of Memories on the Lake

Updated: May 30, 2020

I have spent summers on the shores of Lake Ninevah for the last thirty years or so, working at Saltash Mountain Camp. There are some of my favorite Lake Ninevah memories:

  • Lying in bed and listening to the frogs, the crickets, the loons, and the occasional owl.

  • Going out on the dock at night to look up at the incredible array of stars.

  • Watching kids get comfortable with lake swimming.

  • Walking through the woods and catching a glimpse of the sparkling lake.

  • Watching summer storms approach from across the lake. Feeling a blast of wind, then watching the rain getting closer and closer as the sky gets darker.

  • Seeing (and hearing) an eagle for the first time.

  • Gliding into the marsh in a canoe and noticing that a great blue heron is at the water’s edge, giving me the eye.

  • Those peachy pink purple sunsets we get from time to time.

  • The familiar profile of Saltash Mountain looming in the distance.

  • My favorite memory of Lake Ninevah is taking my mother for a canoe ride with my father on her seventieth birthday. She said it was one of her best birthdays.

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The Ninevah Foundation conserves for public benefit more than 3,000 acres around Lake Ninevah and Saltash Mountain in Mount Holly and Plymouth, Vermont. We support outdoor and environmental education, as well as responsible, environmentally-friendly recreation on the lake and land. Enjoy this lovely expanse of unspoiled open space for outdoor activities such as hiking, boating, fishing, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. We also support low-impact hobbies such as bird watching and photography.

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